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Welcome to my site. I am Dr. Gabi. My full name is Dr. Gabriele Gross, PhD., D.V.M. would like to become your personal horse health coach or invite you into my certification program so you can become a horse health coach yourself.

I am a retired German Equine Veterinarian. I got my Veterinary degree at the University of Hannover, German in 1987. More about me here

With an additional degree in horse nutrition along with a PhD (doctor in research and education), my mission is to coach YOU so you can systematically and effectively manage a horse’s health and performance by using my specific principles for nutrition and management. With the help of my outstanding team, I have translated complex science in to easy-to-understand concepts. See what horse owners say

You can obtain my consultation either in-person or via long-distance coaching anywhere in the world. My nutritional method might help you with many chronic Equine conditions for which Veterinary Medicine does not have a satisfactory answer.  Contact us


Disclaimer: Please note that this is NOT Veterinary Medicine. You should keep your Veterinarian for treatment and diagnostics. If you have an emergency please contact your Vet first.