Horse Health Counsel and -Coaching 

Text to 747-666-5758 to request more information and pricing.

Horse Health Coaching at the stable:

Starting at $ 175  per visit /horse (for groups)

90-day coaching packages starting at $ 375 per horse

Remote coaching US-wide and globally: 

Text to 747-666-5758 and include name, city and the problem your horse has


Examples for issues for which these  programs have been very successful:

Any endocrine and metabolic problem

Equine Cushings (PPID)

Equine insulin resistance

Any performance- or behavioral problem

Resistance to training

Muscle- and topline development

Hoof problems (white line disease, seedy toe, frequent trush, poor heel growth)

Digestive problems (diarrhea, reoccurring colic, gastric ulcers, hindgut-ulcers)

Obesity, easy keepers, equine metabolic syndrome

Hard keepers, lack of appetite, picky eaters

Any weight issue (too skinny or too much weight)

Lethargy, lack of energy, not going forward

Anxiety, lack of focus, behavioral problems