Join us for an amazing day of important “Horse First Aid” training at this exclusive resort, restaurant and B&B. A day full of “edutainment”, gourmet food, good wine and amazing company awaits you! This is a day to create amazing memories while you are learning life-saving skills for your horse. Let us know if you need a room at the resort, maybe stay longer, it is beautiful here (room reservations can be purchases separately with the resort direct).

Magnolia Shadows Equestrian Resort B&B and Restaurant “Riserva 1895” are proud to host internationally renown Equine Holistic Veterinarian and Horse Health Coach Dr. Gabriele Gross for:

A One-Day Horse First-Aid Training & Gourmet Food VIP Event 

When: Saturday September 16, 2023, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

(wine tasting after event is optional, tickets are sold at event separately, not included in class fee) 

Where: Magnolia Shadows Resort Aiken County, 595 Engineer Road, Ridge Spring, South Carolina

Price: $ 695 (includes gourmet breakfast and lunch)

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A word from instructor and Equine Veterinarian Dr. Gabriele Gross: “This training might save your horse’s life. In an emergency, your Veterinarian might not be able to get there in time. But time is of essence and YOU are your horse’s “first responder”. Are you relying on your barn personnel or horse caretaker to apply first aid to your horse and/or recognize what is going on? The truth is, caretakers or barn management are NOT trained in doing so. More time passes when they are informing you that something is wrong with your horse. This class and lots of video demonstration will teach you about the first response in common emergency situations, such as colic, wounds, injury assessment, tying-up, fractures, do’s and don’ts, what should be in your 911 emergency kit (do you have one ???) and much more. Take it from decades of experience of a seasoned horse vet that about 3 out of 4 horses that passed in an emergency could have been saved if the owner or caretaker took this training. Considering the money you spend on your horse, this is minor for the value provided. EVERY horse owner should have these skills. Just like a parent with children and a pool, would you not know how to save your child from the water ? YOU are the lifeguard for your horse. Your horse relies on you. It is your responsibility to keep your horse safe. Your love alone will not do it. I would love to share my skills with you, for the love of your horse.” 

Gourmet Meals are included in ticket price and are prepared by an authentic Italian gourmet chef. If you have food allergies or incompatibilities, please let us know when you buy the ticket and the restaurant will make adjustments for you). Menu see bottom of page. 

Deadline to register is September 1. Class size is limited and event might sell out quickly. 

Watch a 3 min video from a certification class and what people say about it:

Bring a “Large Animal Stethoscope” and a set of polo wraps

Curriculum includes lots of video material, easy to understand instructions and hands on practice. Fun and relaxed environment. Examples of topics How to recognize subtle signs for common emergencies, how to distinguish, learn to give injections (i.v., i.m. on models), take vitals, proper use of stethoscope, wound care, accidents in remote locations, injuries, tying-up, colic, choke, hoof issues, lameness, emergency bandaging, what to do when Vet can’t get there right away, what to report to Vet on phone and much more. 

Details to sign-up coming here shortly. To book your ticket by phone now, please call or text 425-465-0407  or:

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BREAKFAST (buffet)

Organic Potato Rosti Cakes

Organic Pancakes with Berries and Chocolate

Organic Local Veggie omelets 

Bacon Local Farm Raised

Croissant, Scrambled eggs

Homemade Breads and Jam

Coffee, Tea, Juices….


Riserva 1895 Signature Salad with berries, blue cheese & balsamic mustard vinaigrette

Seasonal, homemade, organic Pasta


One glass of Italian Wine or Beer

WINE-TASTING AFTER CLASS (Excluded. Purchase at event separately)

DINNER (Excluded / A-la-cart / by reservation only).

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