Enjoy a 3 minute video to learn how this method helped the horse which was in the famous Zorro movie. Over the last decades, thousands of horse owners have healed their horses from chronic issues for which conventional approaches did not work. These are great examples of cooperation between a seasoned horse health coach and a dedicated horse owner, the right use of nutrition and the story of making great friends for life.

Ari became famous as the Zorro horse in the 2005 movie: The Legend of Zorro, starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Years later, Ari fell chronically ill. Watch how this approach helped horse owners to bring their horses back to health, happiness and peak performance. Starring “Valentino” with horse owner Debra Parker, Dr. Martha Faraday with Zorro horse “Ari” and Grand Prix Dressage Champion “Waling” with owner and trainer Jill Beltran.

These coaching programs work in person or remotely worldwide.

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