What is your life’s mission? I wish you that you either already know or that you find out soon. And then I wish you lots of strength:“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back…” a Celtic blessing which comes to mind thinking of people who live their true calling. I don’t know about you but I feel longing when I have to spend time on activities which do not fit my inner being.

So what is the story with me? Way before I entered Veterinary School, precisely at the age around 2-5, I was surrounded by animals. From about age 7 on, I was mostly found on horseback. Or thrown off same. We have a German saying which goes something like this: “Never the ground you kissed? You don’t know what riding is”. It sounds better in German because it rhymes, of course with respectively aligned harsh guttural sounds.

Fast forward through years of ground-kissing to age 17, my Vet-Tech training at a German Equine specialty clinic. Actually this was while I was still in my final stages of high-school. Let’s just say if you do happen to be called to assist a colic surgery on your first night on the job, do not expect to get sleep for further two nights.

Also, let go of any limiting beliefs on Equine colon size. Oh yes, and do take a thorough shower after. You might need to use apple cider vinegar or alike. Look up: How to get rid of skunk smell, which is comparatively pleasant to what will greet you in the colic surgery room.

Nevertheless, I completed Veterinary School in 1987 despite me feeling that this would not be the end of my career story. Especially the colic surgeries made me want to create something to prevent these disasters. Along with my Veterinary education, I had found a strong interest in nutrition. I had also completed several classes for herbalism. My days were long.


Hoping to find all the answers in research after completing my Veterinary degree, I signed up for a PhD. program in Pharmacology. I wanted to know why we needed medication or in other words, what mechanisms were created in the body during disease. By studying drugs I hoped I would find the answers. I learned a lot about research and publications. Also about the political manipulation of same. Yet I was still looking for answers why I did not feel at peace with what I was doing.

Then one day it came to me. On the weekends during my PhD. program, I substituted for other Equine Veterinary colleagues in their field practice. I realized that it was impossible to answer all questions from horse owners in the field without stressing myself out or falling hopelessly behind schedule. I exactly remember the day when it hit me. Out of the sudden I felt in the right place in my mind (don’t go there by yourself, you could get lost). I started working on developing a combined nutritional-management-educational method for horse owners.

Over the course of the decades, I varied the approach several times, tried it first on my own horses, spent every own penny on pilot studies, developed numerous herbal formulas and would not stop until everyone would tell me it had worked on their horse.

I even had a whole racing stable full of horses on my experiment. Luckily there are no side effects like with drugs so the risks were minimal. How does one make a million dollars with racehorses? Start with three million!

The story is that once you have found your life’s mission, nothing else can get you away from it. There seems to be an invisible magnetic force which grows the stronger the further we try to get away. Sort of like a bungee cord. So here I am, bungee-ing as your mentor, horse health coach, friend, fellow horse lover and compassionate human. Be nice to each other, Earth can be a challenging place! Maybe my mission can be of value to your challenge. Who knows.


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